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VOLUNTEER(S) needed to do a Documentary on THE BUDDHA’S TEACHINGS

While Buddhism is well-known as a Religion, which it is, the Teachings of the Buddha are not often well-known or well understood. In order to introduce the Buddha and his Teachings, in the medium of English,  eight Banners (6 x 3) have been developed by the well-known Canadian Scholar of Buddhism, Prof Suwanda H J Sugunasiri of Toronto.


  • Night of the Buddha’s Enlightenment.
  • The Buddha’s Foundational Teachings.
  • The Buddha on Economics, Social Relations,  Politics & the Judiciary.
  • Buddha’s Enlightenment, Nibbana & Parinibbana.
  • Meditation as Empirical & Scientific Method.
  • Chief Disciples of the Buddha.
  • Homage to the Buddha.
  • Buddhism in Canada & in History.

In order to make this information available for FREE distribution a world-wide audience, the Buddhist Council of Canada is looking for one or more VOLUNTEERS to develop one or more  documentaries, using the Banners. An ideal Class Project for a student of Film and Documentary Studies, or a devotee with technical skills.

A first opportunity for the filming may come as early as the end of September.

CONTACT: prez@buddhistcouncil.ca;

VISIT www.buddhistcouncil.ca for details about BCC.

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