Vegetarian Ahimsa summer camp for kids, Peterborough

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An amazing non-profit overnight camp program for veg-friendly, eco-conscious, mindful youth!

For ages 9 to 13 years old. Runs from July 20-25 (6 days/5 nights) at the Youth Leadership Camps Canada near Peterborough, Ontario.

VegCampPoster_revised5d0598The Vegetarian Ahimsa Camp is an overnight camp for youth aged 9 to 13, running from July 20 to 25, 2014 at Youth Leadership Camps Canada (YLCC) Pigeon Lake, Ontario. Camp is being run by the non-profit organization Towards Ahimsa Inc., and recognized by the Toronto Vegetarian Association.
Ahimsa means non-violence applied to all living beings. At camp, this translates into engaging sessions on animal welfare, critical consumption, humanitarianism, environmental consciousness, peaceful relationships, nature appreciation, mindfulness and self-awareness.
The camp schedule is awesome! The morning starts with an energizing yoga class under the trees. Early afternoon learning sessions on ahimsa are designed by Ontario Certified Teachers to be interactive and creative. Next, adventure activities, such as rock-climbing, low-ropes, high-ropes, and canoeing, pump up campers and help build teamwork, cooperation and leadership skills. Meditation begins at sunset on the beach where everyone takes a collective sigh of peace. The night closes with a campfire, stargazing, spontaneous talent show, or some other camper-inspired idea! Campers sleep in cabins of ten supervised by a counselor.

The camp food is yummy! Professional vegetarian and vegan chefs prepare all the food to be nutritious, nut-free, 100% vegetarian,100% vegan-friendly and 100% kid-approved! Meals such as veggie burgers with corn on the cob or vegan burritos with stir-fried rice satisfy even the pickiest eaters!

The camp staff is like family! Camp staff is enthusiastic, friendly and empathetic to camper needs. Certified, fully trained counselors accompany campers in their activities throughout the day.

The camp inspires. Living a life rooted in non-violence and self-awareness is inspiring and fun! Camp provides the knowledge and tools to practice non-violence in every day life.

The Vegetarian Ahimsa Camp is a non-denominational youth camp, open to campers of all cultures, all faiths or no-faith. The camper fee of $495 (including 6 days / 5 nights of activities, meals, accommodation) is fully non-profit. Camper subsidies are available for anyone who needs. For more information, visit:

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