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Here’s what I’ve been working on...

A PATH THROUGH RED MAPLES: The Harmonious Way of Tendai Buddhism,

by Dosho Ray Parchelo (Innen)

This is a collection of Dharma talks, presentations, and other material exploring the history and practice of the Tendai lineage in Canada. Planning for publication in mid-Autumn.


by Rick McDaniel

This is Rick’s sixth book on the history and practice of Zen (and the fourth being published by Sumeru). When westerners begin to practice Theravada or Vajrayana Buddhism, they have a pretty good idea of the Buddhist context. However often when people in the west begin to practice Zen, they may know very little about Buddhism, and may not even think of Zen as a Buddhist practice.

In the course of conducting more than 100 interviews with Zen teachers and senior students in Canada, the United States, and Mexico, Rick was encouraged to consider writing a book that would situate Zen practice and history in the larger context of Buddhism.

Rick’s long experience in the Zen tradition, makes him a logical choice to create such a book. Needless to say the manuscript took a long time to finalize. But now it’s ready to go, weighing in at about 500 pages. I am aiming for publication in late Autumn.


by Master Tam Shek-wing

has now been through second edits and I’m hoping to move it into the design process later this summer. It’s quite a complicated manuscript with many references to original texts by Nagarjuna, Atisha, Asanga, and Vasubandhu; I’ve been working on editing it for almost a year now. This is Sumeru’s third book for Master Tam.

DARWIN MEETS THE BUDDHA: Some Reflections on Human Nature, Buddha Nature and Wild Nature

by Paul Keddy

Paul is one of the world’s foremost ecologists and a longtime Dharma practitioner. His goal in this book is to tackle the deep but sometimes uneasy relationship between science and Buddhism; such comparisons often focus on physics and cosmology (a rather esoteric project) but pay scant attention to evolutionary biology and ecology. So if Charles Darwin and Shakyamuni Buddha went for a stroll together on the trail, what would they talk about? More than you might think! This is Sumeru’s second book for Dr. Keddy. Currently in third edits.

OCCUPY THIS BODY: A Buddhist Memoir

by Sharon Suh

This one is ready to go for September. I am just waiting for cataloguing in publication data.

And, of course, there are a few others coming, but they are still in the early stages of planning and writing.

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