Understanding the Tibetan Buddhist Temple

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I have been working on a book about Vajrayana shrine rooms for some time now. It comprises 158 photographs I took over several sessions at a large Buddhist temple in the Greater Toronto area, annotated by text I am writing to explain the objects featured in each photo. So far, the book is 122 pages, 11 x 8.5, in landscape format, full colour throughout. Once I get the text finished, it will probably run a bit longer.

Understanding the Tibetan Buddhist Temple

The book is in three parts:

I - A Rosary of Precious Offerings to Enrich the Mind (the shrine room, altar and ritual objects)

II - The Kargyu Lineage (40 thangkas)

III - The Consecration of Dzambhala (stages in the process of consecrating new shrine statues)

It is a greatly expanded, revised version of a book I made some years ago. I was inspired to pick up the project again because my printer has (finally) come out with landscape binding for full colour, large format books! The last coffee-table-format book like this that I wrote, Understanding the Chinese Buddhist Temple, had the binding on the top like a calendar. OK, but not great for this type of photographic monograph.


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