Toronto Star gets a dharma-burger in Richmond, BC

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From a recent article in the Toronto Star about the top six tourist attractions in Richmond, BC:

3. Quiet your mind . . . and your belly

A) With its superb craftsmanship and exquisitely carved statues, the International Buddhist Temple is as magnificent as it is serene. There is ample space to stroll the tranquil courtyard, view bonsai plants, and admire traditional Chinese art and design. Shimmering in gold and standing 35 ft from lotus base to top of aura, the Sakyamuni Buddha statue in the Gracious Hall is the largest in North America. B) The parking lot at Parker Place is an unlikely locale for an actively worshipped glass-encased Buddhist shrine, yet there it stands. After visiting the ornate statue, head inside the mall to Parker Place Aberdeen Meat & BBQ – a nondescript takeout joint with the most sublime BBQ pork ever tasted. Next stop, the food court shop selling dragon’s beard candy and bubble waffles. It’s not hard to find.

Full story:–b-c-travel-six-things-to-do-in-richmond

Somehow, going for pork buns after visiting Sakyamuni just doesn’t quite work for me.

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