TLKY Workshop at U of T, April 5-6

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Lamas, Spies, Gentleman Scholars, and Trans-Himalayan Traders: The Meeting of Religion, Colonialism, Politics and Economics in Twentieth Century Kalimpong

A Workshop at the University of Toronto Scarborough, April 5-6, 2013

Organized by Amy Holmes-Tagchungdarpa and Jayeeta Sharma

Sponsored by the Tung Lin Kok Yuen 東蓮覺苑 Perspectives on Buddhist Thought and Culture Series, Historical and Cultural Studies, UTSC

Co-sponsored by Department of History and Asian Studies Program at the University of Alabama

Friday April 5 / Jackman Humanities Building, 170 St. George Street, Rooms 317/318

4.45-5.00pm – Registration at Jackman Humanities Building Room 318

5.15pm – Opening Remarks

Dr. Daniel Bender, Chair, Department of Historical and Cultural Studies, UTSC

Jayeeta Sharma, UTSC and Amy Holmes-Tagchungdarpa, University of Alabama

Saturday April 6 / University of Toronto Scarborough Instructional Center, 1095 Military Trail, Room 318

9.30am – Panel 1: Contextualizing Kalimpong: Local and Transnational

Panel chair and Respondent: Geoffrey Samuel, Cardiff University/Tung Lin Kok Yuen Visiting Professor at UTSC

9.30 – Jayeeta Sharma, UTSC – “Families and Networks: Local and Transnational Kalimpong”

9.50 – Matt King, University of Toronto (via video) – “Kalimpong, Orientalism, and Occidentalism in the Memoirs of Cecil Polhill and Māyang Paṇḍita”

10.10 – Tina Harris, University of Amsterdam – “Tracing Transnational Trade in 20th Century Kalimpong”

10.30 – Response

10.40 – Questions and Discussion

11.10am – Tea Break

11.30am – Panel 2: Tharchin as a Source for Understanding Kalimpong, Part 1

Panel chair and Respondent:  Alicia Turner, York University

11.30 – Paul Hackett, Columbia University – “On the Outside Looking In, On the Inside Looking Out: Tharchin Babu and his Two-way “Mirror” on Twentieth-century Tibet and the World”

11.50 – Anna Sawerthal, Heidelberg University – ” Media economics in a transcultural environment: Financing the newspaper Melong in Kalimpong ”

12.10 – Response

12.20 – Questions and Discussion

12.50 – Lunch

2.00pm – Panel 3: Vernacular Modernities in Kalimpong – Local Responses to Colonial Constructions of Culture

Panel chair and Respondent: Christoph Emmrich, University of Toronto

2.00 – Annabella Pitkin, Barnard College – “Abandoning Home for the Sake of the Dharma – Reflections on Pasts and Paths of Buddhist Modernity in the Himalayas”

2.20 – Kalzang Bhutia, University of Delhi/ University of Alabama – “Kalimpong as a Middle Ground for Sikkimese Intellectuals: Negotiating between Colonial and Local Modernities”

2.40 – Amy Holmes-Tagchungdarpa, University of Alabama – “Women’s Histories on the Border: Kalimpong as a Site for Gendered Modernities in the Travels of Alexandra David-Neel (1868-1969) and Pelling Ani Wangdzin (188?-192?)”

3.00 – Response

3.10 – Questions and Discussion

3.30pm – Tea Break

4.00pm – Panel 4: Tharchin as a Source for Understanding Kalimpong, Part 2

Panel chair and Respondent: Amy Holmes-Tagchungdarpa

4.00 – Nicole Willock, University of Denver – “Coming to Terms with “the secular” or “the religious” in Tharchin’s literary corpus: Comparing the Collections at LTWA and CV Starr East Asian Library”

4.20 – Lauran Hartley, University of Columbia – “An Introduction to the Tharchin Collection at Columbia University”

4.40 – Response

4.50 – Questions and Discussion

5.30pm – Reflection and Brainstorming Session

6.00pm – Conclusion

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