Theft and random acts of kindness for Daeung Sunim

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While Daeung Sunim has been in Toronto, his laptop, cellphone and GPS were stolen.

Here’s the article about it from The Toronto Star:–korean-monk-on-continental-bicycle-odyssey-has-laptop-gps-stolen-in-toronto

Fortunately, from adversity has come the opportunity for acts of kindness, in the form of offers to assist Sunim in re-provisioning him for the next leg of his journey.

Here is the latest on these random acts of kindness, taken from the Journey of Spirit Facebook page that was established to chronicle his travels:


As a result of the Toronto Star article, about the theft of Sunims gear, he is receiving many donation inquiries in attempts to replenish his emergency fund money. The outpouring of concern and assistance for Sunim is inspiring!

I never intended on collecting or asking for financial assistance when starting this page. It’s mandate is to find warm beds and hot meals through the kindness and generosity of others.

Recent events and the resulting offers of financial donations coming into Sunim’s page have made it neccessary for me to organize some way of collecting these generous offers.

I am not tech savy and am checking into ways to develop some method of accepting offers of financial assistance on line that doesn’t cost money. This may take a while as I am happily bogged down with replying to enquiries and just trying to keep up with the offers of support for Sunim! Until then cheques can be mailed to me and I will ensure that Sunim recieves every penny.

The depletion of Sunim’s emergency fund is an unfortunate development so early into his pilgrimage. Through the kindness and generosity of all those that have been writing in I believe Sunim’s emergency fund might just get replensihed to the point where his new laptop and GPS are paid for. That would be such a wonderful thing to happen!

My sincerest thanks and gratitude go out to all those who donate. The theft of Sunims gear has shown him, and us, a darker side of humanity. But the offers to help replenish his emergency fund will surely show him it was an isolated incident and that humanity as a whole is compassionate to those in need. Sunim has spent his entire adult life helping and teaching others. Since the age of 19 he has placed the interests of others before his own. He is now seeing the decades of his commitment, compassion and selflessness come back to him. He is in neeed of our help, he desrves it and he is receiving it!

If you send a cheque, please let me know if you want your donation to remain anonymous. I will be starting a donations page that lists every cheque I recieve along with any comments or notes sent in with them as well as the supporter’s names.

You can mail your kind offerings by cheque to:
Dave Pope
6980 Brewer Road
Coldstream, British Columbia

For full details about Sunim’s odyssey:

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