Tendai Canada opens new location in Pembroke, ON: Red Maple Centre

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Tendai Canada and Red Maple Sangha have relocated from Renfrew to Pembroke, in Ontario. New contact details can be found at: www.canadianbuddhism.info

Resident teacher Innen Ray Parchelo tells us what’s planned for the new location…

It will be nearly 100 days since we last sat and walked together, and much has changed. After seven years with our friends at the Marguerite Centre, we have moved east to an new site on Pembroke Street (see address box). This single room space will be our home for the foreseeable future.On the evening of September 17, we begin with an exciting schedule of weekly activities at the new Red Maple Centre for Mindful Living (RMC).
This new name reflects the variety of activities we have been doing as three unique “partners”:
*    BMINDFUL Mindful Living, Renfrew County’s leading resource for training and practice of secular mindfulness.
*    The Red Maple Sangha, as a Buddhist community, the first and only lay Buddhist group in Eastern Ontario and home for Tendai Canada.
*    Padakun Whole Person Walking, the spin-off from Ray’s book, Walk Like A Mountain, the world’s leading resource in contemplative walking practices.
Each partner will bring their own perspective and practice to the Centre; you can participate in whatever activities suit their needs. These three are the “anchor” partners, but we welcome groups and individuals who want to collaborate with us. In fact, the first of these are members from Ray’s Change Your Mind group who will co-host Wednesday’ new AIM -(Adventures in Mindfulness) program.


BMINDFUL Mentoring: Mentoring is a relationship with an experienced practitioner directed at accomplishing your own personal goals. This not therapy, but a deliberate learning relationship directed at building competence and insight in your life. BMF Mentoring will assist you in building your skills of attention and purpose through analysis, goal-directed exercises and reflective discussion. This is ideal for the mindfulness practitioner and adults with any form of attentional challenges (eg. ADD/HD).

Staring in October, Ray will offer one hour private mentoring sessions (at $40.00/hour – $20.00 for Members). You will work one-on-one (or as a committed couple) with Ray to build deep and abiding satisfaction in your life and mindfulness practice. Live sessions are available as day or evening. Online sessions, using email or Skype can be arranged. More details to come.

RMC Advisory Forum : Our promise at RMC is to create a new mindfulness-based community open to all. The Advisory Forum invites you to share in the development and management of RMC as an engaged member. Sangha and Sustaining Members are automatically included in the Forum.

Reel Dharma Film Nights: Our film series returns with hard-to-find films which deepen our understanding of the Buddhist tradition and the practices of mindfulness. Start the popcorn machine.

The Change Your Mind Program: Until now this popular and powerful multi-week learning series has only been available at the Health Centre in Beachburg. Watch for details on RMC’s new version of CYM.

The Diamond Path Series: There is nowhere in our region where people can learn about the traditions, teaching and history of Buddhism, one of the most important religious traditions in human history. This series will fill that vacuum with occasional multi-media events.

SODAI – The Monthly Mindfulness Magazine: We’ll be expanding this feature beyond monthly schedules and announcements to include articles and links of interest for those living mindfully.

RMC Partner Blogs – The RMC and each of the partners will soon have their own online presence where you can find additional resources and announcements.


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