Tara in the Palm of Your Hand, new book by Zasep Tulku Rinpoche

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Via Zuru Ling

We in the Zuru Community are very fortunate. On Sept. 11th, Our precious Lama, Ven. Zasep Rinpoche will be bestowing a Green Tara Tantric Initiation and launching the first book he has just published, “Tara in the Palm of your Hand”.

Green Tara is the Buddhist Deity of Active Compassion and Wisdom. Her meditation and mantra are famous for their spiritual power – especially in overcoming personal obstacles and in increasing one’s love, care and compassion. Green Tara is a beloved Buddhist Goddess throughout the world. Her practice brings her Blessings and her direct, felt benevolent presence within the life of the practitioner.

“Tara in the Palm of your Hand” is the first book written by our Lama and produced by his new publishing company, “WIND HORSE PRESS”. Rinpoche will introduce his book on the history, lineage commentary, stories, practice and powers of Goddess Green Tara.




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