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The Consecration of Dzambhala

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Karma Tekchen Zabsal Ling in Aurora has been hard at work completing their main shrine room. The right side shrine alcoves are now home to a set of exquisite rupas of the 21 Taras. The left side shrine alcoves are now home to Mahakala, Dzambhala and the Dzambhala Buddha Families. Many other enhancements have also... Read more »

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Equinox e-Launch

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In the spirit of the Dharma, Sumeru joyously announces the publication of our first title: A Rosary of Precious Offerings to Enrich the Mind This collection of annotated photographs of Vajrayana Buddhist shrine offerings at Karma Tekchen Zabsal Ling is presented as a 32-page e-book in PDF format. Visit our download page to obtain a... Read more »

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In 1977, Toronto’s first Tibetan store opened, in a renovated white bungalow on the south side of Scollard Street in Yorkville. The proprietor was Tashi Lhanendapo. At that time, there were very few Tibetans living in Ontario, let alone Toronto. The few who had moved here from their landing place in Montreal in 1971 had... Read more »

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The Black Dog

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In 1972, Piyadassi Mahathera visited the Zen Meditation Centre of Montreal, to give a series of two afternoon lectures on a summer week-end. The centre was housed in a former estate home on Mountain Street above Pine Avenue. Public lectures were held in what had once been a dining room, with wood paneled walls, leaded... Read more »

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Dr. Ambedkar

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The Ambedkar Mission in Toronto was founded by Darshan Chaudhary in 1979 to celebrate the life and continue the work of  a great modern Indian Buddhist bodhisattva, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. The mission is still going strong. In 1991, the Mission published a small book commemorating the 100th anniversary of Ambedkar’s birth, entitled One Hundred Years... Read more »

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