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Montreal Religious Sites Project

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In 2006, MgGill University launched a project to document a variety of religious institutions outside of Montreal Judeo-Christian traditions. It includes ten interesting accounts and analyses of Buddhist centres in Montreal. The reports are available for download in PDF format, or viewable online in HTML.

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The Black Dog

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In 1972, Piyadassi Mahathera visited the Zen Meditation Centre of Montreal, to give a series of two afternoon lectures on a summer week-end. The centre was housed in a former estate home on Mountain Street above Pine Avenue. Public lectures were held in what had once been a dining room, with wood paneled walls, leaded... Read more »

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Beginner’s Mind

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The first time I met Samu Sunim, he was living in a very sparsely furnished walk-up apartment on l’Avenue du Parc near the mountain in Montréal. It was 1969 and I was 18 years old. Eastern religion was sweeping the west. I had been writing articles in our high school newspaper about Krishna consciousness and... Read more »

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Tibetans in Quebec

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When a small group of Tibetans arrived in Montreal in 1971, they were the first non-European immigrants ever admitted into Canada. They established a community in Longueuil and began the long process of making a home in a new land. My friend Louis Cormier, who has been a dear and trusted partner to that community... Read more »

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