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Jason Siff's New Book

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Jason Siff will publish his next book, comprising three novellas, with Sumeru.

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Woodenfish 2019 info and application

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Woodenfish 2019  Humanistic Buddhist Monastic Life Program​​ Now Accepting Applications! What's it like? Watch scenes from previous years! What do participants have to say? Read testimonials! Program Duration Dates: July 1st to July 28th, 2019 Applications for the 2019 Summer Humanistic Buddhist Monastic Life Program will open February 1st, with a final deadline of April 30th.​ We will consider applications on a rolling basis. Please submit your application as soon as possible to increase your chance of acceptance. If you have particular questions, please fully read the detailed information below and refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.  Program Locale In order to provide our students with a truly unique...

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International Buddhist Progress Society Ottawa new temple update

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I had posted earlier, in June, about how the IBPS Ottawa was moving at the end of 2018 from their location downtown on Scott Street to a new temple they are building in Richmond, ON (an outer suburb of Ottawa). Here's a link to that post: A few days ago, the Ottawa Citizen ran a story on the move. Here's a link to that story: The article also ran in the newspaper's sister publication, the Ottawa Sun (for a different demographic audience, I assume).    

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Happy Buddhist Christmakkah

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Happy Buddhist Christmakkah! Sumeru's gift to you is that we are now North America's largest independent Buddhist movie store, in addition to our book publishing activities, just in time for the holidays. Yes, you can find some of these films elsewhere, mostly at much higher prices from scalpers, but you will not find such a large curated collection anywhere else. I will also freely admit that Amazon will occasionally post ridiculously low prices for these films either as loss leaders to capture market share, or from third-party sellers who may or may not deliver as promised. With Sumeru, you can...

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Here is a link to our free e-book UNDERSTANDING THE CHINESE BUDDHIST TEMPLE, by Karma Yönten Gyatso. Available through Buddhanet under a Creative Commons copyright granted by the author.       A print edition of the book is available as well, through your favourite online bookseller.

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