Sumeru Directory of Canadian Buddhist Organizations – What’s new in 2014

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We are now in the process of making major updates to the Sumeru Directory of Canadian Buddhist organizations.

Here’s what’s new in 2014…

Listings will now include charitable registration information for relevant organizations, including registration number and date of registration.

If you click on the live registration number link, it will take you to the Canada Revenue Agency public filing for that organization.

Each CRA listing has extensive data on:

  • governance (who is on the board of directors and how long they have served)
  • assets (how much money, property, etc. the organization has)
  • revenues (where they get that money and donations they have received in past)
  • employees (full- and/or part-time)
  • fundraising (how they raise money)
  • charitable activity (how they spend their money and gifts they have made in past)
  • international connections (activities outside Canada)
  • records (public filings from previous years)
  • and much more

The CRA listing offers “Quick View” with easy-to-read charts showing key information, as well as “Full View” with complete details.

What it means

You can now find out much more detail about a Buddhist centre, group or organization.

Why it is important

Transparency and accountability are required of Canadian charities, but the information is often difficult to find. This makes it easy for you to evaluate Buddhist organizations of interest to you.

Scholars studying Buddhism in Canada will now have a much more comprehensive data set to work with.

Individuals wishing to offer dana (charitable donations) to the Sangha will now have a clearer picture of how to do it.

About the updating process

We will be updating more than 200 organization listings, and adding more than 50 new charities to the directory.

Since it will take several months to work our way through the entire list, we will be adding an “Updated on…” date to each listing as it is done. That way you will know you are looking at the most current available data.

Since it will be an ongoing process, this is also a good time for organizations to update other aspects of their listings with photos, practice schedules and other information they think would be important to potential Sangha members. Those additions can be made through our regular update page.

May all beings find happiness and the causes of happiness.

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