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PrintOur major goal at Sumeru Books for 2015 is to upgrade our website with many new features, focusing more on our Buddhist publishing. We’ll be purchasing a new WordPress specialized publisher storefront theme to do it. The transformation begins in January!

We’ve been receiving requests from Buddhist authors around the world to publish some amazing, important works and we see the need to broaden the scope of our service. We aim to be a major international Buddhist publisher of all traditions and lineages, with a proper online catalogue, book and author features, direct sales, and lots of ways to interact. We’ll be fully mobile-compatible and Retina-ready with a clean, new look. My, how WordPress has evolved over these past five years.

We will still continue to devote love and labour to the Sumeru Canadian Buddhism blog. Have no fear! The blog just won’t be the splash page. We’re busy backing everything up and planning for it all to be there after the transition. It’s important history and the chronicles must continue to be written and shared! No doubt, things will be messy for a while, but that’s when to practice the paramita of patience.

Once we’re done, we’ll be making similar upgrades to the Sumeru Directory of Canadian Buddhist organizations at with a new WordPress theme specialized for directories. The new format will include maps, more control by temples over their content, more interactivity, and other sweet features. That transformation should happen next summer.OM MANI PADME HUM

Thank you for five years of flowering aspirations and welcoming reception from our thousands of readers. May the journey ahead be a worthy offering to our kind teachers.


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