Shambhala acquisition of Snow Lion gets mixed reviews

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Last week, Shambhala and Snow Lion jointly announced that “… as of May 10, dedicated Tibetan Buddhist publisher Snow Lion Publications is ‘a part of the Shambhala Publications family.’ This will add some 300 titles, including many by the Dalai Lama, to the Shambhala catalog. The acquisition was announced via posts at the websites of both Shambhala and Snow Lion.”

More detailed coverage is available on the Shambhala Sun news blog, SunSpace:

Here as well is coverage from a selection of interested parties…

Digital Tibetan Buddhist Altar:

Dharma Wheel discussion forum:

It remains to be seen how faithful Shambhala will be to Snow Lion’s vision, and what avenues will be open for dharma authors and translators in the coming years. Publishing is a perilous craft and change is constant.

However, one thing can be said with certainty: Snow Lion was one of the pillars of Buddhism in the West. Publishing was only half of their business – the other half being distribution of Buddhist books by other publishers and sales of resources for practitioners, not to mention their wonderful newspaper chronicle. They deserve a deep bow and unending gratitude.



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