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ISBN 978-1-896559-02-5The Sumeru Press is pleased to announce publication of Rebirth as Empirical Basis for The Buddha’s Four Noble Truths, by Prof. Suwanda Sugunasiri, PhD.

Rebirth is a chronological analysis of Buddha’s enlightenment meditation and how Buddha’s growing awareness of the rebirth process was congruent with his opening to the Four Noble Truths.

The book is available for free download in PDF format from the Sumeru website. Just click on the “Latest Releases” tab at the top of this page. Then click on the book cover or the text link below it to begin your transfer.

US Fulbright Scholar Suwanda H. J. Sugunasiri is Founding Editor of the Canadian Journal of Buddhist Studies, and is the author of You are What You Sense: a BuddhianScientific Dialogue and Embryo as Person: Buddhism, Bioethics and Society. His seminal paper, “The Whole Body, not Heart, as ‘Seat of Consciousness’: the Buddha’s View” (Philosophy East and West, 45.3) challenges the traditional view. Founder of Nalanda College of Buddhist Studies, Toronto, Canada, and Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Divinity, Trinity College, University of Toronto, he is also Editor of Thus Spake the Sangha, presenting the life stories of five Sangha Elders of Toronto. Columnist in the Toronto Star from a Buddhist perspective, he is Past President of the Buddhist Council of Canada.

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