Pyrrho's Way: The Ancient Greek Version of Buddhism

Just working on the cover for Pyrrho's Way: The Ancient Greek Version of Buddhism by Douglas C. Bates (, due out later this spring.

Pyrrho traveled with Alexander the Great to India in the time of Nagarjuna and had the opportunity to study with Buddhist sages there. Upon his return to Greece, he drew upon the philosophy of the Skeptics to re-envision Madhyamaka Buddhism in a way that would make sense to his contemporaries.

Pyrrho's Way provides a practical application of Pyrrho's philosophy, bringing his interpretation of Buddhism to life for our modern age.

[If you are interested in the scholarly context, you might also be interested in Christopher Beckwith's book, Greek Buddha: Pyrrho's Encounter with Early Buddhism in Central Asia, which gives some of the historical background.]

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