Pure Land 2013 Vancouver conference round-up

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The Pure Land 2013 Vancouver conference is now over, and most of the papers which were presented are now available online here: http://pureland2013.wordpress.com/2012/10/16/full-papers/

Here is a list of the presenters and their topics:

Ama, Michihiro — Buddhist Confession in Modern Japan
Andrews, Susie — Replacing Sukhāvatī: The Centrality of Śākyamuni and India in Contemporary BCA Dharma School Programming
Apple, James B.  — The Historical Emergence of Maitreya’s Tuṣita Heaven as a Pure Land in Geluk-pa forms of Tibetan Buddhism
Blum, Mark — Centering the Marginal: The Role of Bessho and Sanjo in the Spread of Nenbutsu
Bogin, Benjamin — Prayer as Path: La Sonam Chodrup on the Aspiration for Rebirth at the Copper-Colored Mountain
Chilson, Clark — Depravity and Delight: Mishirabe (Self-Examination) and the Shin Buddhist Origins of Yoshimoto Ishin’s Naikan Method [abstract only]
Choi, Hyejeong — The Visualization of Maitreya’s Pure Land—Mireuksa (629–639 CE), Temple of Maitreya, the Future Buddha from the Baekje Dynasty (18 BCE–660 CE), Korea
Chu, Nancy — Syncretism as Strength: Flexibility and Integrity in Lianchi Zhuhong’s Pure Land Teachings
Conway, Michael — A Transformative Expression: The Role of the Name of Amituo Buddha in Daochuo’s Soteriology
Curley, Melissa Anne-Marie — Great Peace and Great Contentment: Pure Land in Kawakami Hajime’s Prison Diary
Dake, Mitsuya — Historical Development of the Idea of Directing Virtue and Shinran’s Idea of Tariki Shinjin
Edwards Leese, M.K. — On the Roots of the Pure Land Tradition: The South Asian Context and the Buddhist Cave Sanctuary as Heavenly Realm
Friedrich, Daniel — Distilling Dharma: Preaching and Teaching in Contemporary Shin Buddhism
Heller, Natasha — Pure Land, Chan, and Poetry in the Yuan Dynasty
Herman, Peter — The Politics of Buddhahood: Expanding Nirvana and the Problem of Ethical Ambivalence in Jōdo Shinshū
Inoue, Takami — The “Awakening” Open to All People: sotāpanna (“stream-entry”) and shōjōju (“company of the truly settled”)
Isomura, Keiko — Soda Ippen: The last Buddhist monk of the Pure Land Buddhist leader in Kamakura Era in Japan
Jones, Charles B. — Self-Power and Other Power in Early Modern Chinese Pure Land Thought
Kigoshi, Yasushi — The Originality of the Understanding of the Mind of Faith in Shinran’s Pure Land Buddhism
Kuwahara , Akinobu — A Study of Shinran’s View of the ‘Stage of Nonretrogression’: Through the Acceptance of Chapter on Easy Practice
Largen, Kristin Johnston — Appreciation and Appropriation: Christian ‘Borrowing’
Lin, Stephanie — The Buddhist Deathbed and Pure Land Faith in Modern China (1928- 1949)
Lindsay, Ethan — Pure Land Buddhism at Mount Kōya in Medieval Japan: The Devotion of Fujiwara no Sukenaga
Liu, Sing Song — Why Chan is Pure Land, Pure Land is Chan? Enactment of Teaching, Practice, and Realization in ‘Three Times Observance’ (三時繫念) from Chan Master Chong-feng Ming-ben (中峰明本)
Mai, Cuong T. — The Amitāyus Visualization Sūtra (Guan wuliangshoufo jing觀無量 壽佛經, T.365) as an Apocryphal Mortuary Text: The Social and Ritual Contexts of Fifth-Century Chinese ‘Visualization’ Sutras
Main, Jessica L. — True to Buddha and Country: Understanding Shin Buddhist Boy Scouts
Minchinton, Alex — The Spiritual Foundations of Beauty in Pure Land Buddhism
Mitchell, Scott A. — From Gagaku to Calypso: Shifting Identities in US Shin Buddhist Music
Muraishi, Esho — Amitabha Buddha as the Working of Cosmic Salvation of All Sentient Beings
Naito, Tomoyasu — ‘Meeting Together at One Place’ and the Meaning of Peace of Mind in Jodo Shinshu Tradition (English)‘Meeting Together at One Place’ and the Meaning of Peace of Mind in Jodo Shinshu Tradition (Japanese)
Nakai, Patti — Penetrating the Seven-Syllable Barrier: Nembutsu for Newcomers
Nakano, Chieko — The Praxis of kechien in emaki Picture Scrolls in Medieval Japan
Nasu, Eisho — Genshin’s Discovery of the Easy Way to Receive Confirmation for Enlightenment (vyākaraṇa) in the Present Life
Payne, Richard — Pure Land or Pure Mind?
Penwell, Cameron — Envisioning a This-Worldly Pure Land: Watanabe Kaigyoku and the Emergence of Buddhist Social Work in Modern Japan
Proffitt, Aaron P. — This World and/or/as the Pure Land: An Investigation into Tantric Nenbutsu Practice in Medieval Japanese Buddhism
Shields, James Mark — Of Immeasurable Light & High Treason: A Contextual Analysis of the Pure Land Socialism of Takagi Kenmyō (1864–1914)
Spalzin, Sonam  — Archaeological Investigation of Buddhism in Kashimir
Spencer, Anne C. — Neither Heritage nor Convert Buddhism: Diversifying Practices and Demographics in American Jodo Shinshu
Staples, Bill, Jr. — Bodhisattva at Bat: Baseball as Buddhist Practice for Kenichi Zenimura
Strauch, Ingo — The Bajaur Mahāyāna Sūtra and the Role of Akṣobhya’s Abhirati Buddha Land in the Development of Pure Land Buddhism
Suhara, Eiji — Is Shōmyō Nembutsu Magic? Reconsidering Shinran’s Nembutsu Debate from a Multidimensional Perspective
Szuksztul, Robert — Possible Roots of the Pure Land Buddhist Notion of Practice in Light of Some Early Buddhist Sources
Tanaka, Kenneth K. — The Dimensions of Wisdom and Cognition in Shinran’s Shinjin: Appropriateness of “faith,” “true entrusting,” and “awakening” as translation
Wondra, Mutsumi Fujiwara — Significance of the Amida Tathagata’s Name in Shin Buddhism
Xiao, Yue — Women in the Pure Land :The Karuṇāpuṇḍarīka and the Dà āmítúo jīng 大阿彌陀經
Ying, Lei — Dying a Bodhisattva, Dying a Patriot: Hongyi and his Death
Zamorski, Jakub — Debating Pure Land in Republican China: The Case of Yixin nianfo ji de wangsheng lun (一心念佛即得往生論)
Zeller, James — Bridging Gaps: Yunqi Zhuhong, A Non-Sectarian Buddhist Master
Zhao, Ling — The Gandhāran Origin of Chinese Amitāyus Sukhāvatī Image

Scott Mitchell (djbuddha), one of the attendees, also recently tweeted a link to a blog post by Fuketsu at Taste of Chicago Buddhism, called “Getting out of Canada alive” regarding the conference.

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