Prof. Sugunasiri featured by Tony Blair Faith Foundation

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A recent initiative of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation ( features the stories of spiritual interaction by  individuals of different faith communities, in Canada as well as elsewhere. Recently featured on its website is Prof. Suwanda H J Sugunasiri, President of the Buddhist Council of Canada and Founder of Nalanda College of Buddhist Studies (Canada).

In the article, Sugunasiri talks about his experience of sitting in meditation with Christian colleagues. “Sharing meditation allowed us to go beyond language into silence, where you can interact at a deeper level.” Talking about insight meditation, he points out that,  “While  it is ‘Buddhist’, it’s not exclusively Buddhist. For example, we refer to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity because he discovered it. So, while insight meditation was developed by the Buddha, unlike in Einstein’s case, it’s an objective practice that anyone can practise without compromising one’s own belief system, but, as in Einstein’s Theory, benefiting from it.”

Emphasizing how meditation needs to be based in a self-discipline (sila), he outlines the Five Training Principles (aka Precepts) as well.

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