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Here’s an e-mail from Tashi dos Santos, coordinator of the Peace Vase Project. It’s a wonderful project and I would dearly like to participate with an interfaith group here in Canada, particularly with indigenous participation, to plant some vases.

If you are interested, please contact Tashi…

Thank you to all of you who have been contributing to the success of Planting Peace around the world.

Currently we have a registered unplanted “2700” vases and in that number we are hoping to find unaccounted for vases that are in peoples homes or yet to be planted.

  • Some highlights from 2017 re: PVP
  • Total vases planted in 2017: over 100
  • Total countries completed in 2017: 10
  • Vases placed in lands like Tajikistan, Syria, Africa, Iran, Turkey, Honduras, Colombia and Albania
  • Amazing country completions such as Tajikistan, Georgia, Russia, Monaco, Kosovo and many more to list

Lands that continue to need your help in 2017-2018:

  • Papua New Guinea
  • Colombia
  • Peru
  • Syria
  • Lebanon
  • Venezuela
  • Egypt
  • All of Africa especially central and northern
  • Qatar
  • Tonga
  • North Korea
  • The Maldives
  • International Waters – Deep Sea Drops
  • Andaman and Nicobar Islands – India
  • Turkmenistan
  • Myanmar
  • Madagascar
  • Kiribati
  • Lorde Howe Island
  • Albania
  • Barbados
  • Canada
  • Turkey

If you or anyone you know can help plant peace in any of these regions please respond to this email with the relevant contact information.

Information request re: Peace Vase Planting progress:

Many of you have Peace Vases that are yet to be planted, we really need to hear from you about this. An email with the status of your placement plans, contact information and how many vases you have will be deeply appreciated. We need this information sent to us in October so that we can update our database. Please take the time now to write us a few lines.

If you have planted a peace vase and it is not appearing on the PVP website map / journeys section then please let us know.

We receive many e-mails and want to keep everything as up to date as possible. Please double check our website to ensure your information is there —>

Many peace vases that were planted in the early 90’s and 2000’s were not accounted for. Technology was not as available then as it is now. Thanks to the new Peace Vase Project team, we are doing the best we can to obtain as much missing data as possible. Any information that you may have regarding unplaced or unaccounted for vases will be deeply appreciated. Do send it in.

If you or anyone you know is housing unplaced vases, we kindly need the contact information and status sent in to us during the month of October – thank you.

Whatever you can do to assist the future plantings, to track unaccounted for vases and to help us update our records, will be a GREAT and meritorious help.

2017 was really a success and continues to be….we look forward to make more magic in 2018.

Our world REALLY needs it!

Thank you so much everyone.

Connect with me anytime and lets continue to plant peace on the planet.


Tashi Dos Santos
Peace Vase Project
Skype: TashiPelmo

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