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CBC Radio’s Metro Morning show in Toronto broadcast from Parkdale on Tuesday, October 18. Parkdale is a vibrant neighbourhood near the lake in the west end of Toronto, where gentry, new citizens and those struggling to find a place in the civil society all commingle. It is home to Canada’s largest Tibetan community.

Here are some of the voices from that Tibetan community heard on the show:

Finding A New Home

Matt Galloway spoke with Tsering Norzom Thonsur, she is manager of the Immigration Settlement and Adaption Program at the Parkdale Intercultural Association, and with her husband, Passang Norbu. He is a foreign-trained respirologist.
Listen audio (runs 7:16)

Bridging The Gap

Matt Galloway spoke with Flor Dandal and Sonam Paldon, they facilitate the “Dawn Meets Dusk” program in Parkdale. The initiative brings together youth and seniors from the Tibetan and Filipino communities to share their stories.
Listen audio (runs 3:31)

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