Palyul Ottawa events January 2019

Tulku Dawa will be coming to continue the Bodhicaryavatara (The Way of the Bodhisattva - Shantideva) teachings, bestow the Manjushri empowerment and perform a refuge ceremony and give a public talk during his visit from Jan 9 - 13, 2019.

See below for some of the details and visit our website for complete information.

Schedule: Tulku Dawa will teach us on the following:

  • Jan 9th (Wednesday) - Public talk - Developing Good Relationships
  • Jan 10th (Thursday) -  1 session - continue the teachings on Bodhicaryavatara "The Way of the Bodhisattva" by Shantideva
  • Jan 11th (Friday) –  1 session - continue the teachings on Bodhicaryavatara "The Way of the Bodhisattva" by Shantideva
  • Jan 12th (Saturday) – 2 sessions - Bodhicaryavatara "The Way of the Bodhisattva" by Shantideva
  • Jan 13th (Sunday) – Manjushri empowerment and Refuge ceremony

For Tulku Dawa's bio and event details, please click HERE.

Donation & Sponsorship Opportunities:

As you know there are costs incurred when inviting Rinpoches and Lamas to a Centre.......If you are interested in sponsoring any part of this event, please email Sean at or DONATE HERE

Here is where your donations and generosity will help:

  • Collective teaching gift from our Centre for Tulku Dawa
  • Travel costs for Tulku-la - gas traveling from Toronto to Ottawa and Ottawa to Toronto
  • Groceries and other supplies for the dharma house while he is in town
  • Any miscellaneous costs incurred during his visit - ie. flowers, liturgy, empowerment supplies, etc.
  • To clarify how donations are handled, we would like you to know that any offerings given to the Lama directly or at empowerments are not taken into account for the above expenses.

    Hosting or providing a ready made meal: We will have opportunities for people to take Tulku-la out for a meal or offer a ready made meal at the Dharma House...or simply provide frozen meals that can be served to him any time.  If you are interested, here are the days and slots available:

  • Wednesday Jan 9th - Lunch & dinner
  • Thursday Jan 10th - Lunch & dinner
  • Friday Jan 11th- Lunch & dinner
  • Saturday Jan 12th - Dinner
  •     *Lunch times are usually from 11:30 to 1:30pm at the latest so that he can rest up in the afternoon before interviews.

        *Dinners are usually a little tighter in terms of time, especially if he has a teaching at night, probably better to serve him a ready to eat meal at the Centre. He should be finished eating or back at the Centre by 6:30-6:45pm for a 7pm teaching.

    Interview opportunities: We will have interview opportunities January 10th & 11th from 3:00 - 4:30pm for those who would like to have a private interview with Tulku Dawa.  There will be a sign up sheet at the Centre.


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