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Dear All,

With students having begun planning their course schedules for the next academic year, I would like to send out the announcement of the new year-long Pali beginners course “Reading Pali with Burmese Manuscripts, I will be offering starting September, pasted below. It is open to undergraduate and graduate students of any level and recognizable as an undergraduate or graduate independent reading course.

The course will take place on the St. George campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the afternoon. The exact time will be determined in exchange with those interested. I encourage anyone who would like to join the course or receive more detailed information about it, such as where and when the first meeting will be held, to get in touch with me via email.

Looking forward to hearing from you, with warm regards,


Reading Pali with Burmese Manuscripts

Join this new beginners course which offers both a no-prerequisites introduction to the classical language of Theravada Buddhism and a hands-on approach to reading Buddhist texts in Burmese script first-hand from the leaves they were written on. Whether you are interested in just learning the basics of Pali, getting a glimpse at Southeast Asian manuscripts, or laying the ground for further readings in Theravada literature, the course intends at being a language-oriented introduction to the study of Buddhist texts in South and Southeast Asia.

Instructor: Christoph Emmrich
Dates: September 2012 – April 2013
Times: Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, 90 mins each; time TBA
Place: University of Toronto, Department for the Study of Religion
Textbooks: Gair & Karunatillake, A New Course in Reading Pali; Collins, A Pali Grammar for Students

For further information write to

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