Ontario govt pulls end run around Buddhist Association of Canada over wind turbines

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Via Mississauga.com

Ms Chen [of Cham Shan Temple] said after the Nov. 4 meeting, in which government officials promised to “look into our case”, the group was told that while it might not be possible to cancel the wind projects, “they would look at relocation…and promised to get back to us. We were told it was the start of many conversations.”

Instead, the approvals were issued, she said “on the evening of last day of the legislature…when we were out of the country.

“We were waiting patiently to hear back…and we had no notice of this at all. It was sneaky.”

In a press release issued Thursday (Dec. 12) Ms Scott immediately went to several Ministers voicing her concerns and disappointment. She also pointed out to them that one of the now approved turbines will be adjacent to one of the Cham Shan Buddhist Temple retreats. Despite assurances from the Ministry of Energy that the Temple would be consulted before a final decision was made, no such dialogue occurred, the releases states.

Ms Chen said the Buddhist Association of Canada will join Manvers Wind Concerns in filing an appeal.

“We’re shocked the government would not honour the promise of communication.”

Full story here: http://www.mississauga.com/news-story/4271029-multi-million-dollar-buddhist-retreats-could-be-in-jeopardy-in-wake-of-wind-turbine-approval/

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