New “Buddhist Trends” website launched

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Buddhist Trends is based in Sacramento, CA.

From the publisher’s press release:

A sudden growing interest in Buddhism has accord due to the scientific developments and a dissatisfaction that has come about because of excessive access to consumer good. Air travel has helped people from all over the world to come to the east to study Buddhism with qualified teachers. The invasion of Tibet has made many Buddhist masters house hold names in the modern world.  The newly launched online information website, Buddhist Trends which spreads the teachings of Lord Buddha and shares information on Buddhism have its aim to use the online media and technology tools to help spread the teaching and support Buddhist communities.  Buddhist infomation website, Buddhist Trends also offers free subscription for this readers.

Buddha’s teachings are about being peaceful, righteous and thoughtful. The Five Precepts of Buddhism are actually the gist of the teachings and a moral guideline that people can follow. Buddhism is said to be a religion, but it is also a science of the mind and a philosophy that has challenged its followers to question even what their teachers say. This growing interest is the reason why Buddhist trends has come into birth.

With a lot of tension in Buddhist countries, Buddhist Trends hopes to help to get support from the western world so that these issues can be resolved in a peaceful way. Buddhist Trends is a progressive Dharma media resource networking site founded in 2012 by Jasmilhe Saldron with her Dharma brother, Dorje FireArt. This is a  powerful online information exchange site which wishes to link Buddha Dharma and related subjects for a better understanding of the current Buddhist trends in order to build bridges connecting Buddhists and inspiring Buddhists from all over the world.

With the growing interest of Buddha Dharma and the current changes in the world today, Buddhist trends is trying to get the dharma in a way that is  accessible to present generation. Buddhist Trends has its aim in providing updated information on latest buddhist  news, interviews book reviews. Buddhist Trends is a non-profit organization. Buddhist Trends has its heart set creating friendliness in the world by promoting peaceful approach to the way we deal with our problems in the modern world. More information about the services Buddhist Trends offers and the information they share can be found at their website,

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