New Buddhist book for young children: Two Palm Bow

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Nalanda Publishing Canada is pleased to announce the publication of a Children’s Book, TWO PALM BOW, by the well-known Buddhist author, Suwanda H J Sugunasiri, with illustrations by Heidi Burkhardt.

ISBN: English 978-0-9738089-7-1; German 978-0-9867198-3-7; Spanish 978-0-9867198-2-0

Hard copy: $ 9.99; Kindle: $ 2.99
Available on Kindle in English, German and Spanish.
(French version expected soon.)

Intended to be read to tiny tots sitting on your lap, Two Palm Bow is a bright little book with colourful pictures, drawn by the veteran Toronto artist, Heidi Burkhardt. “This is my first Buddhist book. Will you kindly read it to me?..”, says the opening page. The 6 x 6 handy book of 16 pages introduces the concepts of ‘bowing’ (including the postures of paying homage), ‘Buddha’, Buddha as the ‘Smiling One’ and ‘Teacher’, and ‘Saadhu’ (indicating ‘respectful closure’ to a homage).

Hard copy directly from the Publisher:
Nalanda Publishing Canada
3 Ardmore Rd., Toronto, ON M5P 1V4, Canada
Phone: 416-487-2777

Kindle editions:



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