Mindful Self-Compassion Core Skills Training Retreat, Ottawa, April 11-13, 2014

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Ottawa Mindfulness Clinic presents…

Mindful Self-Compassion Core Skills Training Retreat
Dr. Christopher Germer

Join Dr. Christopher Germer in this highly regarded training retreat for Health Care Professionals who wish to learn the essentials of Mindful Self-Compassion.
Participants of this non-residential weekend workshop will learn the core skills of the 8-week Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) training, an empirically-supported program designed to cultivate self-compassion using meditation, daily life practices, lecture, group exercises and discussion. It is a journey in self-discovery and self-kindness.
Self-compassion is an emotional skill that can be learned by anyone. Recent research has shown that self-compassion greatly enhances emotional wellbeing, reduces anxiety and depression, and can even help you stick to your diet and exercise routine. This workshop will provide essential tools for treating yourself in a respectful, compassionate way whenever you suffer, fail, or feel inadequate.

CoreTraining poster2You’ll learn:
• what self-compassion is and isn’t
• how to enhance mindfulness with self-compassion
• self-compassion practices for daily life
• how to motivate yourself with kindness rather than criticism
• the art of loving-kindness meditation
• how to handle difficult emotions with greater ease
• how to transform challenging relationships
• how to enjoy your life more fully
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Self-Compassion in Clinical Practice
Dr. Christopher Germer
Sponsored by Mindfulness Ottawa Professional Community

April 10, 2014, 7:00 pm
Auditorium, Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre
Register through Mindfulness Ottawa here.

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