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The 7th annual International Conference on Media, Religion and Culture is on this week at Ryerson University in Toronto. The program runs to 112 pages. While a preponderance of presentations deal with Christianity, Islam, secularism and such, there are a few Buddhist nuggets being presented.

Follow this link for the full program:

Here is a list of Buddhist papers being presented:

Edwin Ng, Deakin University
A new textual practice for Buddhist scholarship? Approaching ‘popular Buddhism’ with cultural studies methods

Pauline Hope Cheong and Shirlena Huang, National University of Singapore, and Jessie Poon, University of Buffalo
Online and Offline Pathways to Enlightenment: (Re)legitimizing authority and regulations in Buddhist organizations

Greg Grieve, The University of North Carolina, Greensboro
Being Liquid: The Zen Buddhist Subject in the Virtual World of Second Life

Clark Chilson, University of Pittsburgh
Buddhist Philosopher vs Partisan Politician: Depictions of Ikeda Daisaku in Mainstream English-Language Media

Erica Baffelli, University of Otago
New Religions and Media in Conflict: the Case of Kōdansha jiken (Kōdansha affair)

Benjamin Dorman, Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture
Starstruck: Celebrities and Spirituality in Postwar Japan

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