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MBAR TRAINING 2015Just a reminder… This workshop is taking place in Toronto May 1-3.

MBAR is a mindfulness-based approach to preventing relapse and promoting recovery from addiction.

The course was developed by co-authors of Eight Step Recovery – Dr Paramabandhu Groves and Valerie Mason-John. The course has been shared in community settings for over a decade. The course can be taught to those recovering from addictions in 6-8 weeks.

The MBAR certificate program trains participants to faciliate this course. It was designed by Valerie Mason-John, in collaboration with Dr Groves, to teach individuals and organizations that are interested in leading the MBAR course in their communities and for their clients.

In this intensive training, participants will learn:
• Mindfulness and Meditative Techniques including three minute breathing space, mindfulness of breathing, four basic needs of the heart, body scan, loving-kindness meditation & addiction, and working with difficulties within a context of mindfulness.
•The Eight Steps to Recovery
•Three Types of Suffering
•Overview of Suffering & Addiction
•The Four Reminders
•MBAR MODELS: The Vicious Cycle: How we deal with suffering
•Craving & Triggers & High Risk Situations
•Impermanence, Addiction & Ending Suffering
•Power of Mantra, Vision & Transformation
•Transforming Speech, Actions, Livelihood
•Five Training Principles
•Values, Teachings & Community
•Staying on the Path of Recovery
•Wisdom, Compassion, Assisting Others
•Tools for Recovery

*Time is allocated to Personal reflection & rehearsal of various elements of the training.

The training is for experienced meditation practitioners, those with an understanding of mindfulness, and health care providers working in the field of addiction in its broadest definition. Group and teaching skills preferred but not a requirement.

Upon completion of this training you are required to deliver a 6-8 week MBAR course – if you would like full certification. You will be provided with one Skype
session during the course for support, supervision and mentorship.

Full PDF Workshop info here..

Institute of Traditional Medicine
553 Queen St. W. 2nd Fl. Toronto, ON, M5V 2B6

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