Lama Samten’s Sand Mandala in Kenora, ON

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Lama Losang Samten, of the Tibetan Buddhist Centre of Philadelphia, has been travelling in Canada during the month of September. Sadly, we missed posting about his earlier events, which included:

September 3–5 / Wheel of Life Mandala. Prince Albert Arts Centre, Prince Albert, SK, Canada. For more information contact Dave at:

September 6–8 / Retreat in Saskatchewan. Friday evening to Sunday afternoon at Shekinah Retreat Centre, near Saskatoon, SK. For more information contact Steve at:

September 13–15 / Retreat in Winnipeg, MB Friday evening to Sunday afternoon at St. Benedicts Monastery, near Winnipeg, MB. For more information contact Heather and Jo at:

Lama Samten MandalaSeptember 16–19 & 23 / Mandala in Kenora. Losang will be creating a sand mandala at the Lake of the Woods Discovery Centre, Kenora, ON. The dismantling ceremony will be performed following the Dryden Retreat, on Monday, September 23. For more information visit:

September 20–22 / Retreat in Dryden, ON Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. For more information contact Kate at:

However, we found out in time to let you know about his last Canadian stop:

September 27–29 / Healing Buddha Initiation. An initiation into the healing practice of Medicine Buddha involving Visualization and Mantra: Green Tara, Dorgee Namjong, Palden Lhamo & Medicine Buddha. Location: Kootenay Bay, B.C Canada. For more information, visit

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