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In an earlier post in 2010, we listed Canadian Buddhist organizations that had ceased operations. Since then, we have revised the list several times to include more recent changes. Here it is again, in its most current form:

In preparing the 2010 edition of the directory, we were unable to contact the following organizations previously listed in other published directories:

Ananta Kuan-Yin Zen Buddhist Institute, Toronto, ON
Avatamsaka Monastery Meditation Centre, Mission, BC
Buddha’s Light International Association, Mississauga, ON
Buddha’s Light International Association, Ottawa, ON
Vaudreuil Soto Zen Center, Rigaud, QC
Chagdud Gonpa Canada, Richmond, BC
Dal Ma Sa, Coquitlam, BC
Fort Rouge Zen Group, Winnipeg, MB
Friends of the Western Buddhist Order, Montreal, QC
Guelph Meditation Group, Guelph, ON
Hamilton Meditation Group, Hamilton, ON
Iqaluit Meditation Group, Iqaluit, NV
Jatavana Buddhist Society, Vancouver, BC
Lao-Canadian Buddhist Association, Surrey, BC
Linh-Son Buddhist Association of Toronto, Toronto, ON
Lunenburg Shambhala Meditation Group, Lunenburg, NS
Main Street Zen Center, Calgary, AB
Man Dhu Yuen, Toronto, ON
Midway Buddhist Association, Midway, BC
Monday Night Buddhist Meditation Group, Calgary, AB
New Denver Oyoriko, New Denver, BC
No Mind Zen Center, Slocan Park, BC
Pannarama Meditation Center, Montreal, QC
Pema Tawdrin Ling, Burnaby, BC
Raymond Buddhist Church, Raymond, AB
Rigpa Toronto Study and Practice Group, Toronto, ON
Rimay Maha Sukhavati Meditation Center, Vancouver, BC
Rosemary Buddhist Fellowship, Rosemary, AB
Saskatoon Buddhist Studies Group, Saskatoon, SK
Saskatoon Burmese Buddhists, Saskatoon, SK
Saskatoon Ch’an Meditation Group, Saskatoon, SK
Saskatoon Zen Centre, Saskatoon, SK
Taber Buddhist Church, Taber, AB
Temple Zen de Sutton, Sutton, QC
Van Hanh Vietnamese Buddhist Youth Association of Canada, Toronto, ON
Vancouver Buddhist Society, Vancouver, BC
Vancouver Ling Group, Vancouver, BC
Vietnamese Zen Meditation Group, Toronto, ON
Vipassana Sitting Group in Nanaimo, Nanaimo, BC
Vulture Peak Buddhist Meditation Centre, Montreal, QC
Women Active in Buddhism blog
Zen Fellowship, Powell River, BC

In preparing the 2012 edition of the directory, we were unable to contact:

Association of True Buddha Society of North America, Scarborough, ON
Calgary Lao Buddhist Society, Calgary, AB
Chua Bao Quang, Surrey, BC
Chua Hai An, Nanaimo, BC
Chua Chan Quang, Vancouver, BC
Chua Hoa Nghiem, Calgary, AB
Chua Thien Ton, Vancouver, BC
Coaldale Buddhist Church, Coaldale, AB
Dr. Ambedkar Memorial Association, Vancouver, BC
Hilda Jayawardenaramaya, Ottawa, ON
International Zen Buddhist Temple, Niagara Falls, ON
Ji Jing Chan Buddhist Temple, Halifax, NS
Jileh Buddhist Association of Canada, Markham, ON
Laotian Alberta Buddhist Temple, Edmonton, AB
Moncton Buddhist Centre, Moncton, NB
Nyingje Companions, London, ON
Saleum Parommala, Edmonton, AB
Shin Buddhist Dojo, Toronto, ON
Theravada Buddhist Community, Halifax, NS
Toronto Zen Meditation Group, Toronto, ON
Union of Vietnamese Buddhist Churches, Saskatoon, SK
Vancouver Island Zen Sangha, Victoria, BC
Wat Lao Buddhist Association, Manitoba, MB
Wat Lao Xayaram of Manitoba, Manitoba, BC

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