How is this place Buddhist?

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A workshop to be held on the 5th and 6th of November 2010 at UT Scarborough.

UT Scarborough and TLKY are running a symposium on social practices of place and environment in Buddhist societies. Taking the form of a lively conversation structured by occasional presentations by a wide range of interested folk: practitioners and priests, ethnographers and textualists, long-time Turtle Island inhabitants and recent immigrants, and perhaps even a few artists.

The purpose of the workshop is to ask several questions:

  • what social practices (rituals, forms of speech, architectural genres) were or are there, through which Buddhist communities inhabit and create their landscapes?
  • are there particularly Buddhist theories about place and dwelling?
  • what material or intellectual projects are apparent among Buddhist communities around the Greater Toronto Area?
  • how should Canada’s new Buddhist communities learn to inhabit this place?
  • what can be learned through conversations between Aboriginal and new Buddhist experts in dwelling practices and rituals?
  • are there specific ethical or practical commitments that ought to inform Buddhist communities in North America?

5th (1-5 pm) and 6th (10am-4pm) November 2010 at Miller Lash House, University of Toronto, Scarborough.

Attendance is by RSVP only so if you’d like to attend please email to confirm attendance.


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