How I am spending my self-isolation

THE ZEN PRIESTESS AND THE SNAKE: A Woman’s Path of Transformation and Healing through Rediscovery of the Great Mother Tradition

by Roshi Ilia Shinko Perez

Paginated bookblock been through 2nd edit and the proofs are now back with Roshi Shinko for another run-through.


BLOOM: Buddhist Reflections on Serenity and Love

by Ajahn Sona

Paginated bookblock has been through 1st edit and the proofs are now back with Ajahn Sona for another run-through.

A PATH THROUGH RED MAPLES: The Arrival of Tendai Buddhism in Canada

by Innen Ray Parchelo

Working my way through the 1st edit of paginated bookblock.


PYRRHO'S WAY: The Ancient Greek Version of Buddhism

by Douglas Bates

Now available. Working through the publicity cycle.













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