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Khmer Buddhist Library

9575 Keele Street, Maple, ON L6A 1M1

is offering free copies of their recent dhamma publications. These are small, soft-cover booklets, approx. 50 pages in length, comprising a translation of the following sutras:

  • Sigalovada Sutta
  • Vyagghapajja Sutta
  • Parabhava Sutta
  • Maha Magala Sutta

The author has translated the Sutras (Suttas) from Pali into English then re-translated them into a modern day western format to make them easier to understand for today’s modern reader. He has sub-sectioned the sutras into the following headings (for example):

  1. Basic Morality
  2. Building and managing wealth
  3. Protecting assets and wealth
  4. False friends and true friends
  5. Protecting relationships
  6. Qualities for success

He also explains and lists the ‘blessings’. The booklets have meditation practical advice by Piya Tan. They are entitled Anyone can go to Heaven. Just be Good. and A Life of Blessings. The author is TY Lee.

They can be picked up at the Wat Khmer any day of the week. There are 5000 copies available.

The books are also available to other dharma centres.  We will donate as many booklets as you wish. They can also be shipped to you to your location free via FedEx. If interested please telephone or come to the above location.

Sincerely in the Dharma;


(905) 303-0162
(905) 303-0077

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