Eshu Martin’s Osho Ceremony, Victoria, 2013

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Eshu Martin, abbot at Zenwest in Victoria, BC, participated in an Osho ceremony on September 28, 2013, which was filmed (two cameras, pro sound). The ceremony was presided over by Rev. Genjo Marinello, Abbot, Seattle Zen Temple (Dai Bai Zan Cho Bo Zen Ji).

As described by Genjo Osho, “Osho is the Japanese Zen word for temple priest so this is a ceremony acknowledging and affirming Eshu Martin as a temple priest and Dharma Teacher. This is not the same as Dharma Transmission which may come after years of additional training. As an acknowledged temple priest, Eshu will have the authority to give Dharma talks, do one on one Dharma interviews and ordain priests in training (Unsui in Japanese). Eshu has been in acting in this capacity already so this ceremony is more of a celebration and acknowledgment of this fact. At the ceremony, Eshu will re-affirm the Four Great Bodhisattva Vows, give himself more fully to the Three Treasures, re-commit to the Ten Precepts, and do prostrations to the Rinzai/Hakuin Dharma lineage. He will receive various articles signifying the affirmation of Eshu as Osho, including an extension to his Dharma Name, brown robes, red Japanese fan, long Buddhist prayer beads, and a staff. He will then give a brief Dharma Talk on a subject of his choice. Following this there will be a reception to celebrate this event.”

This is the only film in the world of a Zen Osho ceremony available for general viewing.

Kōsen Eshū Osho Ceremony Part 1- Saturday September 28, 2013 from Zenwest on Vimeo.

Kōsen Eshū Osho Ceremony Part 2- Saturday September 28, 2013 from Zenwest on Vimeo.

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