Enjoy the Brush – Calligraphy with Kaz Tanahashi in Montreal

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Sumi-eApril 5 at 7:00 pm until April 7 at 4:00 pm

Enpuku-ji Zen Centre, 4620 St-Dominique, Montreal, QC

Using bio-degradable watercolor paint, we will explore the 1,700-year-old wisdom of East Asian calligraphy and take a glimpse into the heart of the creative process by reproducing selected ideographs in the tradition of ancient Chinese masterpieces.

While learning basic aesthetics and techniques of brushwork, we will notice our own imperfections and inner criticisms that keep us from fully enjoying each moment. Step by step, we will find ways to increase the degree of enjoyment and serene excitement in the artistic process, which can be applied in everyday life. We will also experiment with artistic interpretations and expressionistic improvisations, using a variety of paper and brushes of different sizes. No previous experience is needed. Kaz will bring brushes and paper.

Kazuaki Tanahashi, born and trained in Japan, is an artist, writer, and peace worker. As a painter and calligrapher, Kaz has performed and taught worldwide, and his brushwork has been displayed in solo exhibitions, featuring new genres of one-stroke paintings and multi-colour Zen circles. As a calligrapher in the East Asian style, he creates works of large single ideographs.

Workshop schedule:

Friday, April 05, 7-9 PM
Saturday, April 06, 10-12 & 2-5 PM
Sunday, April 07, 10-12 PM & 1:30 PM-4 PM

Limit: 20 participants

Cost: $200/$100 deposit (non-refundable after March 26), payable by Paypal  or cheque (made out to Enpuku-ji Zen Centre) or by bank e-transfer (please contact Myokyo at myokyo@enpuku-ji.org for details).

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