English Dharma classes at Pho Hien Temple, Toronto – update

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We now have more detailed information about this program…

English Buddhist Class at the Pho-Hien Temple
Learning Modern Buddhism in the context of Western culture
When: January 26 to November 2013, Saturdays at 2:30 – 4:30 pm
Where: Pho-Hien Temple (普賢寺), 297 Garyray Dr., Toronto, ON M9L 1P2
New Students: Free.
Repeat Students: Enquire at The Academy of Wisdom & Enlightenment (智覺學苑) www.AWE-edu.com
World Wide Students: Can attend our classes via internet.
All ages are Welcome
Please visit www.AWE-edu.com to view detailed curriculum.
Organizers: The Academy of Wisdom and Enlightenment (AWE智覺學苑) in partnership with the Vietnamese “Pho-Hien Temple 普賢寺” launch a new platform of learning Buddhism which is supported by the Consul General of Sri Lanka in Toronto and the Sri Lanka officiated Chief Monk of Canada. In addition, the Sri Lanka officiated Chief Monk of the UK & Europe will deliver 3 lectures on “Buddhism and Science” in July. Complementary to traditional teachings, Buddhist ideologies will be presented using simple language and scientific methods in order to attract the English-speaking audience and younger generations and to promote Buddhism in the west. Please see attached the course flier and class schedule for 2013. Feel free to forward this news and flier to interested parties. To promote Buddhism in the west, your support and participation is crucial and is gratefully appreciated.Explore:
What is Buddhism?
Why learn Buddhism?
Understand Metaphysics and more…
For inquiry or to register, please contact: info@AWE-edu.com or call Tammy at 416-727-5577

AWE class 2013 flyer here.

Time Table 2013.

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