Conversation on Consciousness, Toronto, Sept 13

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Ontario Friends of the Institute of Noetic Sciences
Cordially invite you to an afternoon of thought-provoking and engaging

Conversation on Consciousness

Saturday, September 13th 2014, 3:00 PM to 5:30 PM
Committee Room 2, Toronto City Hall, 100 Queen St. West

IONS Conversation on Consciousness Sep 13-14Distinguished diplomat cum eco-philosopher, James George, will be joined by his wife and fellow spiritual teacher, somatic educator Barbara Wright, eminent Buddhist scholar Zenji Acharya and hopefully Mrs. Hanne Strong, co-founder of Colorado based Crestone – the largest interfaith retreat center and sustainable teaching community in North America.

The Conversations will be followed by interactive audience participation

James George, former Ambassador/High Commissioner (India, the Gulf States, Sri Lanka and Nepal) served on the UN Disarmament Commission and as Canada’s Deputy Permanent Representative at the UN. These assignments gave him rich opportunities to explore different spiritual traditions, but Gurdjieff’s “esoteric Christianity” has been his path towards an understanding of consciousness. He is the author of Asking for the Earth: Waking Up to the Spiritual/Ecological Crisis (1995) and The Little Green Book on Awakening (2008). He co-founded the Threshold Foundation and has been a long time member of IONS

A recurring theme in his publications is that all modern crises – political, financial, and ecological – are crises of inner Spirituality requiring a Shift in Collective Consciousness. Though retired from diplomatic service, Jim continues to be an Ambassador and an interpreter/guide to the perennial understandings of the ancient sages and modern wisdom keepers with a graceful blend of his own intuitive connections with all that is both uplifting and deeply spiritual.

Barbara Wright, moved to Toronto in 2005 after marrying James George. Barbara has led many Gurdjieff study groups in Australia, Colorado and California where she served as Vice-President of the Gurdjieff Foundation. Both Barbara and James have a Gurdjieff group in Toronto and work with similar groups in several other countries. Now retired from working as a free-lance editor, she continues to teach Awareness through Movement using the Feldenkrais Method, and is preparing several books for publication, including a collection of her essays written since 1984. Barbara’s personal wishes are for the growth of understanding– as the meeting place of inner being and objective knowledge– and to find again and again the way toward serving Consciousness.

It was a privilege a few years ago, at an earlier IONS meet-up, to be in the presence of Jim and Barbara. The thoughtful observations by many present that evening and the engaging dialogue/discussion which followed.

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