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There are 76 Zen centres in Canada, listed in the Sumeru directory of Canadian Buddhist organizations ( Yet there are only three Canadian Zen teachers among the 162 who are members of the American Zen Teachers Association (AZTA – They are:

  • Eshin Godfrey, Osho – Zen Centre of Vancouver
  • Taigen Henderson – Toronto Zen Centre
  • Albert Low – Montreal Zen Center

I remember talking with Victor Sogen Hori last year, who was saying he had just returned from an AZTA meeting, but he does not appear to be a member, according to the AZTA website. Similarly, Samu Sunim, whom I have known personally for more than 40 years, whom I hold in the highest regard, and who operates several US centres, does not appear to be a member either (although his student who runs the Ann Arbor centre is).

It would be valuable to understand more about the relationship between the AZTA and Canadian Zen teachers. Anybody with answers?

Update a month later: Here’s a link from Sweeping Zen about this year’s annual meeting of the AZTA, giving a bit more information about their current issues and activities:

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