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The American Academy of Religion will be hosting its 100th anniversary conference in San Francisco later this year. Here is a list of Canadian scholars who will be presenting Buddhist papers there…

Justin Stein, University of Toronto
Hidden Treasures: Reiki Masters’ Appeals to Vajrayana Buddhism

Katrin Froese, University of Calgary
Awakening with Desire in Chan Buddhism and Daoism

Fei Lan, University of Toronto
Desire: The Hunger of the Poor — A Conversation between Dai Zhen and Levinas

Jason Neelis, Wilfrid Laurier University
Hellenistic Afterlives in Gandharan Buddhist Material Culture

Jeff Wilson, University of Waterloo
“All Beings are Equally Embraced by Amida Buddha”: Jodo Shinshu Buddhism and Same-Sex Marriage in North America

Kimberly Beek, McMaster University
“Unpacking Zen Shorts and Ties”: Jon J. Muth’s Recontextualization of Zen in the West

Frances Garrett, University of Toronto
Eating Right with Tibetan Food Practices

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