Canadian Journal of Buddhist Studies, No. 6, now available

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PRESS RELEASE June 17, 2011

It is with pleasure that we present the latest issue (Number 6) of the Canadian Journal of Buddhist Studies.

In this issue, you will read
• a comparative essay on Paccekabuddhas, based in Pali and Chinese sources, by Bhikkhu Anālayo;
• a comparative essay on Zen Buddhism and Heidegger by Wing-Cheuk Chan;
• a historical linguistics piece on Aśokan Phonology by Bryan Levman;
• an anthropological article on the Universal Buddhist Temple in Vancouver, Canada, by Paul Crowe; and
• a biographical excerpt on the first Ten Precept Nun in Sri Lanka, by Bhikkhuni Kusuma.

Also read News and Views on Buddhist Studies in Canada.

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The Canadian Journal of Buddhist Studies is a publication of Nalanda College of Buddhist Studies (Canada).


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