Canadian Buddhist Temple in Lumbini?

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I recently received this from Glenn Mullin, Canadian Buddhist scholar and teacher currently living in Mongolia…

Greetings from Korea. I am here for two weeks, and then will leave for Mongolia. Hey, come horse riding…

Thanks for putting my little Lumbini video on your website. Maybe it will get some traction.

There is no Canada temple in Lumbini yet. Maybe we should form a committee or group to create one. We can call it “The Canada Lumbini Temple Association,” and proceed from there. What do you think? We make it look official, create a good website, and then start writing to Lumbini for land. Then we can start fundraising to build the temple. I have good connections with several temple groups.

Registration and website first…….

Hugs and friendship,

I wrote him back that I would run it up the flagpole and see what response I get from people…

What do you think?

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