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PRESS RELEASE / Buddhist Council of Canada

Calling all Canadian Buddhists!

This year marks the 2600th WESAK Anniversary of the Buddha’s Sambodhi ‘Enlightenment’ (an event recognized by the UN)

This is an early invitation to the Buddhist community of Canada to think of ways of making the event a successful one, in your communities across Canada, with much participation from Temples, individuals and the general public.

Some suggestions:

• Meditation in the Park;
• Peace Walk;
• Raising the Buddhist Flag on the Provincial Legislature grounds;
• Buddhist Homage ceremony;
• Organ Donation workshop;
• Essay / Art / Poetry competition on an aspect of Buddhism.

Please check with your employer, if under our Canadian Multicultural policy, time can be taken from work, without loss of pay, for religious observances. And, listed in the Multifaith Calendars, Wesak Full Moon Day of May 17th may qualify.

Please contact us with your ideas:
Prof. S H J Sugunasiri (President)

Bryan Levman (Secretary)


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