Buddhist Art @ Museum of Anthropology, Vancouver

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An Exhibition of Buddhist Art at MOA and lecture series, May 10 – Sep 30. 6393 NW Marine Drive.
Opening Night is May 10 at 7 PM. Everyone welcome.

Visions of Enlightenment will show examples of Buddhist art from the main Buddhist traditions: the Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana. In Vancouver, the latter traditions are well represented in the established Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Tibetan communities. The Theravada school represents the traditions of the Burmese, Thai and other Southeast Asian communities. A range of media will be represented, including sculptures (made of stone, metal or lacquered wood) paintings, ceramics, manuscripts, and textiles.

Lecture: Visions of Enlightenment, May 13 at 1 PM. Margo Palmer, a Director of the Canadian Society for Asian Arts (CSAA), and curatorial advisor, will present a talk about the exhibition and Buddhist art. (Free with regular admission)

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