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This summer, Sumeru has had the unique opportunity to work with George Klima and Chris Ng to revamp the extremely popular Buddhism in Canada website – a directory of all the Buddhist temples, centres, organizations, etc.

The website was created in 1995 and was in need of an overhaul to incorporate new social media features such as a content-management system, a search engine, geo-tagging with Google maps, a more intuitive user-interface, better management of updates, etc.

Yönten and web developer Justin Wah Kan have been working on the project for about a month now and expect to launch a beta version early in August. The back-end is done, data from all provinces except Quebec (60+ entries which we start this week) has been copy-edited and imported, mapping co-ordinates and geo-search are done, etc. Supplementary pages scheduled for completion before September.

Chris Banigan, Canada’s top thangka painter (who does most of the book covers for Snow Lion books in New York, by the way), has come on board to create a new logo for the Buddhism in Canada website, along with some other supporting artwork.

We’ll keep you posted on progress and the launch.

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