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This is Srisuda Hongthai from The Buddha Garden and I wanted you to know that we are conducting a survey on Buddhism in North America in the ten years since the 9/11 Tragedies, since many people found solace in the teachings of Buddhism after 9/11. The survey is at:


We are contacting you because we really would like input from Canadian Buddhists to help diversify the survey results.

We want to share with the Dharma community why so many people become interested in Buddhism after the 9/11 attacks? Does Buddhism still play a role in their lives ten years after the attacks? How do the attitudes of new Buddhists differ from those who were Buddhists before 9/11?

Will you kindly let others know about the survey by mentioning it on your blog, FaceBook or Twitter? The more people who take the survey, the better we will ALL understand how Buddhism is viewed in the decade after September 11th.

Thank in advance. Every mention of the survey helps the Buddhist community.

Sawasdee Kha,
Srisuda Hongthai
The Buddha Garden

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