Buddha’s Birthday celebration, Sat. May 31 – Mississauga

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I am delighted to inform you that everything is set to go for this Saturday’s (May 31, 2014) Vesak festival at the Mississauga Celebration Square. 35 Buddhist temples across Ontario are joining us. Over 100 monks and nuns from all Buddhist traditions will be present. 15 VIPs confirmed their presence in this festival.

Vesak festival will begin sharp at 3pm with a beautiful welcome procession – Chinese dragon dance, Sri Lankan Beravadanaya and Vietnamese lion dance.

A wide publicity has been given via TV networks, national, local and community newspapers and FaceBook and Twitter. It is a sunny and balmy day (neither hot nor cold). Therefore, we are expecting more than 10,000 people on this day. Please come with your devotee community and witness a grand Vesak festival with 10,000 attendees.

More information at: www.vesakcelebration.com

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