Anthology of writings by Canadian Buddhist women nears completion

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IMG_0016_2Early last year we put out a call for material for an anthology of writing by Canadian Buddhist women teachers, scholars and practitioners … and the response was overwhelming! The project is now nearing completion of the editing phase, under the able leadership of Tanya McGinnity ( and we are almost ready to begin the design phase. Here’s the line-up of articles (authors in alphabetical order):

Karma: A Method of Evolution and Escape, Aryadrishti
Buddhism as a System of Education: Reflections on Life and Self, Heesoon Bai
The Things We Leave Behind, Nicole Belanger
Who Is a Tibetan Buddhist Self-Immolator? Freedom Fighter, Martyr, Terrorist or Bodhisattva? Kalsang Dolma
Authentic Self, Tracy Franz
Sakyadhita Canada: Branching Out, Mavis Fenn
Finding the Kingdom of Happiness, Dianne Harke
The Legacy of Dr. Ambedkar, Usha Heer
My Path of Vajrayana Practice, Jackie Ho
Patterns in groups tending toward the formation of cults: applications to Western Buddhism, Patricia Ivan
Women at the Forefront, Jayanta Shirley Johannesen
Heart of Fire: Anagarika Dhammadinna, Jayanta Shirley Johannesen
Why I Never Felt Beautiful and Now I Do, Natalie Karneef
Rediscovering the Gift of the Universal Feminine Through Faith, Scripture and Myth, Cecilie Kwait
Art Is Not For Control Freaks, Carole Leslie
Weeds in the Stream, Vimalasara Mason-John
Buddhism, Maternity and the Body, Erin McCarthy
Interview with Cecilie Kwait from WAIB, Julia Milton
Why Do I Feel an irresistible Urge to Dance & Summer at the Kootenay Hermitage, Kuya Minogue
Mother Daughter: Mastering the Art of Losing Each Other, Lynette Genju Monteiro
Convergence, Julie Price
Giving and Receiving: Why Dharma Teachers Don’t Charge Fees, Bonni Ross
Discovering the Wisdom Body, Daryl Ross
Three Jewels, Bonnie Ryan-Fisher
The Despondency (Qi Xia Temple), Sarah Truman
My Rebirth as a Bhikkhuni, Sister Thich nu Tinh Quang
The Front Runner, Thuc Cong

We are still waiting on a few more promised articles too. It looks like it will be a wonderful array of dharma gems!

This is a gift economy book, which means that 100% of net proceeds will be donated to the Buddhist Compassion Tzu Chi Foundation for charitable work. Everyone involved in the project is donating their energy, work and and time. Carole Leslie ( has contributed our cover art as well as her article.

Now, we need your help. We don’t really have a title for the book and we’d like your suggestions. We’ll pick the top five and run a poll to see which one gets the most support. If your proposed title is chosen, we’ll give you a credit in the book and a free copy!


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