2013 Buddhist Summer Programs for Teens

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2013 Buddhist Summer Programs for Teens
presented by the Buddhist Education Network of Ontario

Leadership and Mindfulness Teens Day Camps

For ages 13-14 and 15-17;
Full Days (9:30 am – 3:30 pm) 2 Weeks (July 15-19; 22-26, 2013)
Held at 569 Spadina Ave. (University of Toronto Multi-Faith Centre)
Fee: $350/2 weeks

Enjoy a respectful and friendly environment to explore the remarkable teachings of the Buddha (Dharma) taught in a stress-free secular context. Learn mental focus, de-stressing, and how to cultivate mindfulness and emotional intelligence. Classes are interactive and participatory. Through discovery and analysis realize your own understanding of the Dharma. Our Camps are taught by a variety of teachers: university professors and certified teachers; graduate and undergraduate students; and experts and professionals.

Mindfulness Practices
Emotional Intelligence
Leadership and compassion in a turbulent world
Popular Music and Lyrics
Journey through the rich culture of Buddhism
Health and Nutrition
Socially Engaged Buddhism

At the end of the program students will have a deeper understanding of the Dharma values enabling them to think more independently, be more innovative and more courageous in making decisions for themselves and others that are grounded in compassion and wisdom.

For more information, please call 416-910-4858
To enroll, please visit www.buddhistschoolforyouth.ca

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