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Buddhist walking practice

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Sumeru author Innen Ray Parchelo speaks with Ted Meissner of the Secular Buddhist podcast… Chances are if you are on a silent meditation retreat, the primary focus is sitting practice. Not just on retreats, either; sitting has a dominant focus in contemplative practice, interspersed with periods of short walking which seem geared to loosen up... Read more »

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Vimalasara: You Are What You Think

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Vimalasara (Valerie Mason-John), from the Triratna Buddhist Community Vancouver Society, has a new video out on YouTube: You Are What You Think The event was at TEDx RenfrewCollingwood Vimalasara is also featured in a Tricycle series: Teachings for Uncertain Times. Her dharma talk and video can be found here:

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Buddhist Conferences happening in Toronto 2017

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For two brief moments next summer, Toronto will be the centre of the Buddhist world, hosting two global Buddhist conferences… August 20-25, 2017 18th Congress International Association of Buddhist Studies No congress poster available yet. _______________________ June 17-18, 2017 10th Global Conference on Buddhism Buddhism, Neuroscience & Mental Health

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Transformative Global Health initiative

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Valerie Mason-John (Triratna, Vancouver) will be presenting a mindfulness workshop as part of the CAMH Transformative Global Health initiative. Here’s a bit more about the Best of Both Worlds event, which seeks to meld spirituality and evidence-based therapy for treating mental health in Haiti. And here’s a promotional video about the initiative:

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Albert Low hospitalized

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Breaking news: Albert Low (b. 1928), a western Zen Master of the Kapleau lineage and director of the Montreal Zen Center, has been hospitalized with a head injury resulting from a fall. Albert has been in increasingly frail health for a while now and has severe mobility issues. It now appears that he will need... Read more »

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